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January 19, 2017
Category: Sleep Medicine
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Find out how a simple oral appliance could relieve your sleep apnea symptoms.

Is your CPAP treatment not relieving your sleep apnea symptoms and uncomfortable to wear? Looking for a simpler option that doesn’t CPAPrequire bulky facemasks? Our Hampstead, MD, dentist Dr. Eric Resh understands that while CPAP equipment is the most common and one of the most effective ways to manage your sleep apnea, it doesn’t always work well for everyone. If you are someone for whom CPAP doesn’t work as well as it should then it’s time you learned more about oral appliance therapy.

Unfortunately, there are some patients who aren’t able to adjust or work with CPAP to alleviate their obstructive sleep apnea symptoms. If this is the case for you then you may feel at a loss for how to treat this sleep disorder. Our Hampstead, MD, general dentist has you covered. Through oral appliance therapy Dr. Resh has been able to help countless patients manage their OSA symptoms and get a good night’s rest.

Oral appliance therapy is a special dental device that is to custom-made to fit your mouth. It is designed to reposition the jaws forward to prevent the airways from collapsing while you sleep. This is a great option for patients dealing with mild to moderate forms of sleep apnea, as well as for those who snore and have tried countless conservative measures to reduce their snoring. Some patients can also use this oral appliance in conjunction with their CPAP to tackle more severe issues.

Oral appliance therapy can be a very attractive option for someone who hates the bulky, awkward CPAP equipment. If you travel often, having to take your treatment with you can be a real pain, but this small oral appliance easily fits into a hard protective case and takes up very little room. Take your oral appliance wherever you go rather than forgoing treatment. This oral appliance is also easy to clean and maintain.

Sleep Apnea Dental Alternatives in Hampstead, MD, is dedicated to giving you the sleep you need. Dr. Resh is here to provide you with the care you are looking for to manage your sleep apnea and keep your smile healthy. Call us today!