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The Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy for Treatment of Sleep Apnea


While you are sleeping, the most embarrassing thought is to be told that you snore.  When you snore in your sleep, it means that your lungs are not getting as much oxygen as they need. When breathing becomes partially or completely obstructed, a potentially life-threatening condition known as sleep apnea is present.  The next time you are told you snore, don’t get embarrassed.  Have Resh Family Dentistry Sleep Apnea Dental Alternatives in Hampstead, MD evaluate you for sleep apnea.


Snoring is such a common problem that people tend to under-rate its seriousness.  Disrupted sleep on an on-going basis can affect the physical well-being of both the snorer and partner alike.  ENT specialists are not the only ones to treat snoring; a dentist who is trained in sleep apnea can evaluate you for a special oral appliance for sleeping.  Oral appliances have been effective for many people who snore, including those suffering from mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea.


What is Oral Appliance Therapy?


A snoring mouth guard is a device that is inserted into your mouth when you are sleeping to help you stop snoring, much like a night-guard for tooth grinding.  The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has recently identified oral appliances as an effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.  An oral appliance is a device custom made by a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine, like our dental specialists at Sleep Apnea Dental Alternatives. It does so by supporting your jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat while you are sleeping. 


There are many types of oral appliance styles that can be provided by our dentists in Hampstead, MD. At Sleep Apnea Dental Alternatives, we can help you choose what might be best for you whether it is for snoring, sleep apnea, bruxism, or jaw pain.


Why Oral Appliances?


The use of oral appliance therapy in the treatment of sleep apnea in Hampstead is important. While many people assume sleep apnea can only be treated with a CPAP machine and with a visit to their ENT doctor, it is important to understand that your dentist plays an integral role in treatment as well.


Some of the benefits of oral appliance therapy in Henderson for sleep apnea treatment include:


  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Small and convenient (easy for travel)
  • Treatment is reversible and non-invasive

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